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Why I Love My Wife’s Cardigans

It might sound kind of crazy, but I absolutely love my wife’s cardigans. For those who are wondering, cardigans are a certain type of sweater. From what I’ve seen, they are usually made from a thin fabric and have buttons all the way up the front. I’ve always been someone who attaches particular pieces of clothing to memories and events, so maybe that is why I really love her cardigans.

The first time I remember seeing my wife in a cardigan sweater was when I picked her up for our first date many years before she became my wife. I’ll never forget how innocent and nervous she looked, and that she was wearing a navy cardigan with her skirt. She explained to me later that she had almost twenty cardigans when we met and that it took her nearly an hour to settle on wearing the navy one.

Another time I remember my wife and her cardigans was when she accompanied my family on a three week trip to Italy just before we were married. My parents invited her to go with me, my siblings and their spouses, and it made for quite a great family trip. I was at her apartment the night before we were leaving and she was having the hardest time packing her clothes. She wanted to be comfortable on our trip, yet she wanted to impress our family, and so she was trying to find the best clothes she had. I remember laughing at her and saying that her clothes didn’t matter, and eventually she let me help her pick a few of her best cardigans to take along on the trip.

In the ten years I have known my wife, cardigans are the one kind of clothing that she has never gotten sick of. I’ve seen her replace almost every other article of clothing she owns, but when it comes to her cardigans, they just keep getting more and more piled up in her closest. Fortunately for me, I’m told, I find my wife’s little obsession with cardigans to be rather funny. I guess it would drive me crazy if I didn’t.

As you’ll probably guess, my wife also brought a few cardigans on our honeymoon. Each time she’d pull one out to wear I’d smile. By the time we married the fact that she loved to wear cardigans was so her that I just had to smile each time she chose to wear one for dinner or anything else.

So I guess I love my wife’s cardigans because of all the memories I have with her wearing them and because they are such a staple of her wardrobe. It’s the small things in life that really mean something, and her cardigans mean something special to me.

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  • Zanto:

    Don’t say Paramore or Flyleaf, & I would prefer something kinda hardcore, but not too hardcore, if you know what I mean? If you’ve heard of Picture Me Broken, I wouldn’t mind something like them?

  • turg143:

    I love heels. I want to wear them so much out in public everyday. Not dressy at all, I would wear a basic cotton tshirt, a cardigan and a pair of jeans. I buy a lot of heels but turns out I never wear them because I don’t go out at nights.

    When I put my outfit together at home, everything is perfect but as soon as I walk out the house I feel like everyone is staring at me all the time and thinking I’m an attention seeker and I just feel so awkward, it’s unbelievable. And I’m 5’5 so my heels make me around 5’9 so not a giant. Also my heels are not stripper like platforms but I wear some 3.5 inch pointy toe heels.

  • Muzahid:

    Hi all, i have been asking this question early today, i need more advices please. So to resume, my ex girlfriend birthday is on Friday, i already bought a gold necklace very expensive when we were together specially for this occasion, because when i love i make my best to please the person, so i dont see the price when i buy something for her. We were together for 2 months, and i have known her for 4 months, we broke recently two weeks ago because she says that shes afraid for her future, shes lost, she dont know what to do, so i said ok if youre sure of you then we should stop seeing each other and i wish her good luck for her future, i acted totally cool and acts like it didnt bothers me, we dont texts each other, i dont see her also, but i know shes missing me, i dont want to act as if i cant live without her and then she would take me for granted.
    I think of her everyday and i know she thinks of me too, i know she loves me, but afraid to commit i think. She likes when i pampered her, sending her texts first each morning etc etc, she likes when i make the first move each time, maybe shes a bit selfish too i dont know. So she was in a relationship of 1 year with someone before me, and she had broken with this person 3 months ago i think and she was alone for 1 month before accepting to date me.

    She sent me a text days ago telling me her sister had her babay, i replied and said im happy etc, she then sent another one then i didnt replied back till now, its been 4 days i think.

    Must i give her the necklace? Or something cheaper like a card and no gift? Im really lost, i dont want to go to her and to appear needy, i want her to miss me and i want her to realises she misses me and want to come back.

    Please answer and i said thanks in advance.

  • jdfan:

    So me and my two friends are going to a garden party where costumes are expected. Last year we were “Charlie´s Angels” and everyone loved it so we want to synchronize our costumes again. We are considering “Stepford Housewives” and we got these dresses: . Do you think that with matching sandals and cardigans we will look like the ones from the movie? And is the whole thing a good idea? We also want to bring a pie / pound-cake / basket of muffins as a part of the joke. What is your opinion?

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