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Article by Laura Ciancilo

In today’s world we often get to hear stories of break ups. It is hard indeed to maintain a steady relationship as obstacles are bound to come your way and disrupt it. Nevertheless, you should never lose hope or give up; rather you should face it with a challenging attitude. Now that you have broken up with your boyfriend you will have to be strong enough to deal with your emotions and not break down easily. If you want to get exboyfriend back you need to deal it in a rational manner. Following are few simple steps that will assist you to get exboyfriend back.

Just be the way you were with him:

Never indulge yourself in such dramatic acts as changing your dressing sense and attitude after a break up. Your boyfriend may have admired a certain aspect of you, never try to change that in your vengeful frame of mind. To get exboyfriend back you will have to remain the same even after your break up. But, if certain attitude of yours has drove him mad, changing that attitude now will certainly be welcomed and appreciated by him. Slowly you will find yourself paving the way to get him back.

Try and rectify the problem:

If you want to get exboyfriend back, you need to delve yourself into the study of all the problems that has caused the split. Confronting with your boyfriend at the very outset is not a very good idea; rather try to confront with yourself first. Try and find out the various reasons and if you find the fault rest on you, seek an opportunity to meekly ask for forgiveness. You need to swallow all your pride now that you desire to get exboyfriend back. Do not allow your ego problem to come in the way and mess up everything further. By asking for forgiveness you will not lose anything; probably gain much in terms of respect and admiration from your boyfriend.

Give him small surprises:

It is true that money can never buy love. But, in order to get back you ex boyfriend surprising him with small gifts as a token of your love for him will certainly be a good approach. However, a gift should be chosen with utmost care as it should not only cater to his interests but should also bring to light the deep love that you still have for him. Though a slow process but, you will definitely get exboyfriend back.

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  • mr flibble:

    lately me and my boyfriend have gotten into a couple of fights and im always the one starting them and i always end up getting physically violent…my bf has threatened to leave me next time i go off and hit him…i really love him and dont want to lose him but i find it extremely hard to keep my hands to myself. how can i control myself next time we get into a heated arguement…

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